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We offer the following specialty meal/menu types:


Our Most Popular Menu!!! Every week Chef Adamo curates a new menu consisting of 7 new items! These menu items are crafted using the finest local, regional, and seasonal ingredients. Each menu item is well rounded and typically consists of healthy proteins, vegetables, and sauces.


Our Paleo menu is a modified version of our weekly signature menu. We carefully adjust and modify our signature menu to fit the criteria of a paleo lifestyle. We take pride in our ability to make fresh, natural meals to fulfill a Paleo regimen. We’re inspired to keep our Paleo options delicious and original with new menu items every week based on the freshest locally sourced ingredients.


Sourced from vegetables and protein sources of the highest quality. Most of our clients just want to eat healthier, without the worry of counting nutrition facts. We ensure a balanced, healthy diet that focuses on taste and freshness–and you won’t even need to go to the grocery store.

Once you’ve selected your pack size, take a moment to select your Meal/Menu type provided in the drop down box on the following page.